Genius Exit Ticket

Genius Exit Ticket I read this article this evening as I was trolling Huffington Post and I thought it would just be another cheesy lifehack, however, when I went to the page the teacher in me saw that this is the perfect exit ticket for any student. Writing a summary in 30 seconds about what was most important in the lesson is so basic and profoundly enriching at the same time. I want to start using it at the end of my own classes to create better notes to study from, get better at summarizing and prioritizing info, and so that one day I can teach the trick to my students. It will help organize students’ thoughts and will give them meaningful summarizing practice. I’ll bet it will improve students’ metacognition; how has no one thought of this before? Plus 30 seconds it the perfect amount of time for an exit ticket. Later, I could work with students to assemble a study guide from these 30 second summaries. If anyone tries this in their classroom please let me know the results.